New Beginnings

Well. This is it: a new beginning. Actually, there are a lot of new beginnings about to take place. Where to start?

How about who am I? I am Holly Newton. I am a Christ following, native Nashvillian, living in Orlando, Florida with my husband, Zack, and two kitties, Oaklee and Si. I am a teacher by trade and an entrepreneur, running a skincare business, (now) blog, and in the works of opening a crafty business.

(I am also quite certain that I must have made a comma splice somewhere up there. Dr. Rummage would frown, but I am just getting back to polished writing, so please forgive me!)

So many new beginnings. I feel that in these past 2 years, Zack and I have been non stop transitions. A new home, new state, new life. A new church. New friends. New jobs. Wow. That is a lot of new. I have never been a fan of change, but I am learning (sometimes with feet dug deep into the ground), that change is GOOD. Without change, there can be no progress. Let me explain.

Zack has transitioned in the past 5 years in many ways. He has gone from a full time active duty Marine, to a married college student, and now is ordained and in full time ministry. Being married to a man in ministry is, well–let’s just say it is never dull! This is not your typical 9-5 life, but I think I always knew I wasn’t meant for that. And Z, he definitely never was. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, because my point is–watching and experiencing these interesting and different transitions with Z has been very beneficial for our lives together and independently. Example: Zack has had an anthem verse for about a year now: Romans 12:2.


Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. What does this mean? To us, it means we need to renew our minds by questioning everything. Why do I put my right shoe on first?  Habit? Why do I put a tree skirt around my Christmas tree? Tradition or because I actually like it? Why does the house have to be cleaned on Saturday? Why do we say certain prayers at church? Why do we have instruments at church? Why do we not have instruments at our church? Why do we have communion one Sunday a month? Why do we ________. You get the idea. Becoming inquisitive about our habits, traditions, lifestyles to determine if they are healthy, effective, proactive choices. To figure out if we actually agree with our choices, or if they were just “something we’ve always done just because.”

This is what has led me to my new beginnings. Becoming inquisitive. Renewing my mind. I have so many big changes in the last 2 years, but it is still only the beginning.  I have started to ask myself not only “why,” but also “why NOT.” Why not start my blog? I have been dreaming about this for years. What is holding me back? Why stay in a job that I am not obsessed with? Why not intentionally pursue having children? Why not get prequalified and buy another home? Why not pursue all of those things that I have been dreaming of? I don’t want my 20’s to end with me looking back at how big I dreamed. Dreams are good, but you have to have the faith and courage to pursue them. I want to look back at what all I pursued. What all I accomplished. What all I failed (because we know if we fail, that shows that we were brave enough to try).

This blog has been a long time coming, and I have so many ideas to unveil here. I can’t wait to share and build relationships with yall!


  1. I like that. Question everything – why you do anything. Is it just habit? Do I even have a conviction about why I do what I do? Hmmm, lots to ponder.

    Can’t wait to read the next installment!

  2. Love this! You two are so encouraging to others and great inspiration!! You rock girl! Keep following those dreams.

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