4 Simple Ways to Score Extra Cash from your Couch in 2018

It’s January 2018, and that means all things new. New resolutions, new beginnings, new goals. One of the top goals or resolutions that most people make are in the financial category.
We all have some sort of goal or desire–travel more, pay off debt, buy things in cash, remodel a house/room, have more money for a downpayment, buy a new car without getting into a loan. What do all of these things have in common? Needing more funding. We can downsize, budget, and thrift, but sometimes it simply comes down to expanding our income in conjunction with saving.

Here are 4 simple ways that you can score some extra cash from the comfort of your own home in 2018. 


1. Downsize and Declutter

Downsizing and decluttering is not only great for your wallet, it’s also great for the mind. I need to purge so many things myself–spring cleaning might come early for me! I just had someone on my facebook today score $1,000 just from decluttering his home.

Cleaning out is the hard part, but what do you do with your stuff? You can have a yard sale or utilize one of the many sites that help you sell off your items to a larger demographic of buyers.

Some of my favorite sites to sell items are Offer UpVarageSaleCraigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Make sure to research which sites are most popular in your area before you start posting. Also, if you choose multiple avenues, let your buyers know that you have crossposted your items.

Suggested Reading Materials: Organized Success and The Joy of Less

2. Teach English Online to Kids in China

Ok, this one I have recently started, and I am loving it! You can teach children in China English online with the company VIPKid. You must have a bachelor’s degree to get hired, and they love those who are already teachers to apply! This company is so flexible and simple! I work in the mornings and evenings whenever I choose to open my timeslots, and my students fill in my time slots. The classes are 30-minute intervals, and the curriculum is provided for you! Depending on your experience, you can make $19-$22 an hour. This opportunity has been awesome! It’s flexible, fun, and is literally everything about teaching that I love without the negatives!

If you’re interested, just click here and use the code 05QX5S.

3. Utilize your talents and skills 

We all have things that we are talented and skilled with. You can become a consultant in your field and share your knowledge with others, start a themed blog, or open a shop and sell your makeable items. Think out of the 9-5 box! What are you passionate about? What have you done successfully that you can share with others? Can you share on a virtual format by starting a blog? Can you make money by starting a blog? Can you offer your service to others using a social media platform? Can you open a shop on Etsy? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! You can do any or all of these things! Find those little passions that your 9-5 doesn’t fulfil, and go for it!

4. Start a Side Hustle Business

I know it’s everywhere on your social media– #BossBabe #SupportSmallBusinesses #BeYourOwnBoss

But you know what? These people know how to hustle. They have created a home-based business that provides, in many cases, residual income for their families. I will say, I am a proud business owner of my own home-based MLM business, and I couldn’t be any happier! Is it honest? Yes. Does it really work? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

A few of tips before you decide to jump in a business OR reject a business:

  • Research, research, research
  • BELIEVE in the product or brand you are sharing
  • Join forces with people who are like-minded, honest, and inspiring
  • Get yourself organized

Home-based or MLM businesses are work, but for so many families (my own included), they have been an answer to their financial burden and prayers. There is no shame in neither honest hard work nor supporting those who are business owners.

Suggested Reading Material: I have loved these two books by top leaders in my own MLM business. They are smart books to get ANY MLM business off of the ground.–> Rock Your Network Marketing Business and Get Over Your Damn Self

Whatever your journey is on expanding your income, I pray for wisdom, guidance, and provision to get you to meet your financial goals in this exciting new year!


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