Top 5 Thrifty Farmhouse Pieces

The farmhouse look has gone wild, and I can’t pretend that I am not in love with it!

I grew up in a rustic and antique home with a thrifty and creative mother, so this trend has really behoved me and the resources that I already have!

For my home, I really enjoy adding new pieces here and there that pull together a fun style and change up a room in a simple, and most importantly affordable, way. I have several collections in the works, but here is the first one: My Top 5 Thrifty Farmhouse Pieces.


1. Laurel Foundry, Cow with Rose II Painting
I really love this cow painting! I know the bright and colorful cow painting has been so popular and made an appearance in kitchens all over the country, but there is something different about this cow painting. Laurel Foundry has a French inspiration in this painting that softens it up and gives it a crisp and sweet feeling that falls into the rustic, farmhouse look much more seamlessly. Get this painting for your kitchen here.


2. Cotton & Chicken Wire Frame
This is a great piece for your front door or a space on your kitchen wall. I love the combination of soft cotton with twigs for the wreath and a backdrop of chicken wire and wood. Gimme all the rustic elements in one item, please! Get this Cotton & Chicken Wire Frame here.


3. Hearth & Hand by Magnolia Nesting Houses
With the newest Magnolia collection easily accessible to us now, it is hard to not want to redo my whole house with everything from the middle of Target’s set up of Hearth & Hand. I swoon every time I take a spin! Joanna Gaines has such a great eye and expands the farmhouse feel with her decor picks and creations. These nesting houses are a perfect example! I never would have thought of such a simple item to pull together the rustic feel. These nesting houses can go anywhere! From your entry wall table, to your bookcases, to your window sill. Get the Hearth and Hand Nesting Houses here.


4. Hearth & Hand Stoneware Pitcher
My husband might kill me, but I am going to have to trade all of my dishes and serving items to Joanna’s stoneware collection. Holy moly, don’t even get me started on their plates! That is for another post–I, myself, will have to start simple with items such as this really stinking cute stoneware pitcher. There are a few different styles, but this is my favorite one by far! It is simple, large, and has just the appropriate simple pattern in cream and navy. Pitchers are always a good choice for entertaining purposes–an easy way to really add to your decor, however, I love to use pitchers for daily decoration! My favorite thing is to line the tops of my cabinets or use them as a kitchen table center piece and add some flowers. Simple, useful, rustic. Check out the Hearth and Hand Stoneware Pitcher here.


5. Hearth and Hand Astilbe Flower Bundle
So I mentioned putting flowers in your pitchers–these flowers would be beautiful! the mauvy pink with the navy and cream pitcher! Beautiful! I have always loved flowers, but I have a terrible black thumb (I once killed a succulent–who does that?!). I love getting the occasional floral arrangement from Aldi for $3.99, but I have recently started to love quality faux flowers. There is no maintenance, and they don’t die! Perfect for a gal like me! So I came across this beautiful arrangement by (of course) Hearth and Hand, and it is the icing on this farmhouse style cake! The beautiful color and fun, spring-like branches would be so pretty in either cream galvanized metal, or even a clear vase. Get this Hearth and Hand flower bundle here.


What’s the best part about these 5 farmhouse picks?! They are all under $50! Easy and affordable ways to freshen up an area with a farmhouse feel!

Comment below: What are your favorite thrifty farmhouse finds!

Happy Decorating!

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