5 Little Things to Make Your Kitchen Feel Like Home

In many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. I love my kitchen! It isn’t my ideal kitchen with beautiful counter tops, a huge island, and farmhouse sink, but I have worked hard to add little details to my kitchen to make myself and guests feel right at home when they walk in. I don’t attribute this to a lot of money or time–I simply have used simple, inexpensive items to round out my homey-kitchen feel.

Here are the five little things I think you can easily utilize to make your kitchen feel like home.


1. Flowers
Now, I will be perfectly honest, I have a terrible black thumb. I kill most every plant I have! However, I LOVE the joyful feeling that a beautiful bouquet of flowers can give. My favorite go-to for a really pretty floral arrangement is Aldi. Believe it or not, Aldi generally has a really pretty selection that also changes colors thoughout the year depending on the holiday or season. My favorite part–most of the arrangements are $3.99 and last 2+ weeks. Yep! I typically use my flowers in a pretty clear vase and pop that baby right next to my sink. It definitely is something enjoyable to see while washing dishes!


Now if you don’t have an Aldi near you or don’t want to purchase bouquets every so often, here are some other options that will also be simple additions to your kitchen:


  • Herbs



2. Fruit Holder
I love how easy fruit can really make a kitchen feel like home. It is also an inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen. What is the reasoning behind that, I have no idea! But I love walking into kitchens where there is not only displayed fruit but interesting fruit holders. I personally have a three-tiered stand that holds my fruit! It adds a different dimension to my kitchen and organizes my fruit and even some veggies in an elegant way.

Here are some of my items I have found to hold your fruit:

3. Table Runner
I love to see fun place settings on kitchen tables, but who is really going to leave those out all the time?! No one! So the next best thing is a table runner. Table runners are an easy, inexpensive way to draw attention to your table without any work! Much better than using tablecloths (spills, being pulled, kids drawing on it), table runners are simple and sleek to add detail but stays out of your way! I have to say I love all of the new table runners that Hearth and Hand by Magnolia have out right now. However, I will say I get away with a simple burlap runner on my kitchen and dining room tables!
I love these Hearth and Hand table runners, all under $20!




4. Coffee Mug Rack

“Hi, my name is Holly, and I am a coffee mug hoarder.”

Yeah, I might have a bit of a coffee problem, but aren’t cute coffee mugs the best! It makes your coffee somehow taste better if it is in a mug you love. Some of us are particular about our mugs, whether it is the style, the way it fits into our hand, the design on it, or the way it curves at the top (yes, I know there are some of you out there!), the coffee mugs is important, and should be respected!

With that said, I love to display my coffee mug collection. Now, they don’t all fit on my rack, but I do rotate them out seasonally to get equitable time with them all.

The displayed coffee mugs make your kitchen feel so comfortable and inviting. It’s like they are saying, “Hello Guest! Make your selection, and drink from me.” I love letting people pick their own mug for their coffee. It’s just more fun that way.

Here are some great mug racks to choose from:





5. Creative Canisters
Canisters are the king of the counter. It is such a staple in the kitchen. Why not make them fun! Getting cute canisters (or even sprucing up the ones you already have) is a way to add to the feel of your kitchen without adding anything new. Check out these inexpensive canisters below.

img_0083These are excellent to put on personalized labels.




5. Decorations
We decorate our living rooms for different holidays and seasons, why not add that touch to our kitchens? I love to find beautiful artwork like this cow painting, cutting boards, or even fun wooden signs from Hobby Lobby or the dollar section at Target.


Is your kitchen wall space minimal? Think about spaces such as window sills, shelves, kitchen table centerpieces, and the tops of your cabinets. I even use decanters, mason jars, vases, and decorative bowls in my kitchen. Why have these pretty items and never have them on display?

Whatever little touches you have or plan to make, share them in the comments below! Happy decorating!



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