Tasteful Valentine’s Day Decor

If you’re a holiday decorator like me, you find the joy in so many different parts of the year. Spring–yellows, pastels, lighter colors to bring us out of the winter dullness. Then St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, enhancing on all the spring colors. Summer–celebrating the fourth of July, our country, and big bold colors. Fall–Halloween, Thanksgiving, transitioning into Christmas. Winter–all things Christmas, then blues and snowy themes… and then we come to Valentine’s Day.

Now, I enjoy Valentine’s Day, don’t get me wrong.

However, I just don’t enjoy decorating for Valentine’s Day. As a person without kiddos, it is so difficult to find Valentine’s Day decor that is not gaudy. This holiday puts me in a decorative slump. It’s super cute to do the all hearts & glitter themes when you have kiddos around, I get that. But, my husband and I don’t have kids yet, and as a teacher, I just don’t want my home to look like my classroom. With that said, this is by no means to offend anyone with kiddos who have the glitter and pink/red overload! This is simply to help those whose style doesn’t quite mesh with that. And that’s ok too. So, I have been on a mission to find Valentine’s Day decor that isn’t tacky but is budget friendly.


Honesty alert–this inspiration comes straight from my amazing friend and family member, Carrie. She is a rockstar decorator with an excellent eye, rustic flare, and real knack for finding discounts and sales. I aspire to be like her. While telling her of my plans, she immediately sent me inspiration from her own home. Even while undergoing a full kitchen gut and renovation, she has decorated her home for Valentine’s Day so tastefully.

Entry & Living Room:
What I adore about this Valentine’s Day style–the use of everyday decor. So many of these pieces from Kirkland’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Joann’s aren’t even displayed for Valentine’s Day: they are year-round items. Taking a simple wreath and doubling it up to make it fuller with a smaller heart. Taking your Christmas berries and using it in your Valentine’s Day decor. Simple signs about love–it doesn’t all have to be big pinks and bold reds, laced with a pound of glitter. Finding the small pops along with the common, everyday pieces make this environment so much more appealing for the holiday!

Shop the look here:

Master Bedroom:
Let’s take a moment for this mantle…

Again, the use of such simple, neutral pieces with pops of hearts, reds, and pinks. I love the simplicity and elegant look of this decor, especially the hand-painted sign–such a romantic touch that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day at you.

Also, married people: If you have any pieces from your wedding that are tucked away, pull them out! Enjoy those relics during this season–think back on your young love and vows–talk about this journey life has taken you: accomplishments, trails, joys, losses–you’ve come so far whether it has been one year or fifty: enjoy each other.

Shop the look here:

*dog not for sale.

Whether it’s a guest room, bathroom, or hallways–spice up your glass jars, shelves, and dressers with something ‘love’ themed! It is so fun to pull in the holidays for yourself, your children, and your guests that enter!

Shop the look here:

Top Tips:

  • Use what you already have
  • Use pops of hearts and pinks–do not overpower!
  • Don’t be afraid to decorate in every room–your guests will love the small details that you add
  • Kirkland’s, Hobby, Joann’s, Michaels–Hit up all these places in two ways
    • 1. with a coupon
    • 2. after a holiday
  • Use your neutrals to offset the bold colors and calm them down a bit

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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