How to Design Your Dining Room Table: The Magnolia Edition.

Gimme some of that Joanna Gaines rustic flair!

I love all this Chip & Jojo, so when their newest line, Hearth and Hand, at Target debuted, I hustled┬ámy little self over to Target to bask in the glory. Now, I know traveling to Waco gives you a much better glimpse of the Gaines’ Style Heaven, but Target is the closest thing we can get to for now!


I am in the process of a few things that lead me to my dining room decor–looking for a new home, building a farm table, and then I will be transitioning my dishes to Hearth and Hand’s dishware. I love the green and cream pottery pieces. It is so unique and each piece looks a little different yet flows together so well. Add some wood, cloth napkins, and galvanized metal to your table, and you have Joanna-ed your dining room!


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