Top 5 Valentine’s Day Eats

February is here, and it is nearly  Valentine’s Day! I am so excited to announce another blog series that I have been working on: Count Down to Valentine’s Day!

This series will contain 6 different blog posts featuring the top 5 of their category!


Let’s start off with The Countdown to Valentine’s Day #6:  Valentine’s Day Eats!


There are so many creative ways to decorate and theme your food for Valentine’s Day! I have compiled my top 5 favorite Valentine’s Day themed recipes!

*Disclaimer: I have created a culmination of pins from Pinterest to create this post. I do not claim to have created any recipes. I have disclosed credit for each recipe with the original creator. If you see your pictures presented and the correct credit has not been given, please email me at so I can correct any mistakes. 
-Thank you!

1. Valentine’s Day Smores Popcorn

Who doesn’t love a good trail mix popcorn style? This recipe is an absolute crowd pleaser–throw in some pink, red, and white, M&M’s ( + marshmallows!) and you’ve got a V-day treat to feed dozens!

Get this delicious recipe by Crystal Owens here.


2. Valentine’s Day Pancakes

Whether it’s the weekend before or the morning of, holy cow, these Valentine’s Day pancakes look phenomenal! I cannot imagine being a kid waking up to such a colorful surprise!

Check out this easy and lovely spin on pancakes by Healthy Recipes here.


3. Valentine’s Day Sweet Rolls

For your sweetheart or your kiddos, these sweet rolls are to die for! Take your regular can of cinnamon rolls, twist them into a heart and throw on some sprinkles! Easy peasy!

Find the full recipe from The Lady Behind the Curtain, Sheryl, here.


4. Heart Quesadillas

How about heart-shaped  Mexican for Valentine’s Day dinner? This recipe is perfect to get the kids involved with, and seriously, who doesn’t love Mexican all the time? Jazz up these quesadillas with your favorite filling or even do a quesadilla bar for dinner!

Check out these Heart Quesadillas by Heart School House here.


5. Oreo Truffles Valentine’s Hearts

I saved this for last because Oh. My. Goodness. Yall, I’m gonna need to make this stat. These are acceptable year round, right?

Get the recipe from Vera here.


Excuse me while I head to the kitchen. Stay tuned for the rest of our Count Down to Valentine’s Day series!

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