Top 5 Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts


Being a teacher by trade, I understand the struggle with crafts–especially when it comes to a class of 20 six-year-olds. I get the swell of pride a child gets when giving away their over-glued and glittered craft to their parent–the joy a parent gets when they receive this gift from their bright-eyed and sticky child. It’s great! It’s love! It’s pure joy!

But–It is also a pure struggle to get there sometimes. Organizing 20 children (or even two at home) can send you on a downward spiral that ends in a rain of glitter, craft items adorning the ceiling, floors, and walls, and all the way down to an empty bottle of wine.

Parents, I hear you. Teachers, I see you.

Yall, I know the struggle and it is real. That is why I have added crafting to my Countdown to Valentine’s Day. Welcome to blog post number 5: Top 5 Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts.


Whether you have one or twenty children, these crafts are sure to make the kiddos proud, the parents elated, and the teachers at ease. I compiled my top 5 easy peasy crafts to help you keep all of your hair intact for your own Valentine’s Day events.

*Disclaimer: I have created a culmination of pins from Pinterest to create this post. I do not claim to have created any. I have disclosed credit for each with the original creator. If you see your pictures presented and the correct credit has not been given, please email me at so I can correct any mistakes. 
-Thank you!

#1 Heart Windsocks

I’m not gonna lie, I would probably use markers and stickers for the cans. However, if you are gutsy enough for paint, by all means! What I like about these windsocks is how unique they are. You can get some science talk in also while making this creative and easy craft.
Also, I would totally rely on donations for this craft! Each kid bring in one can and a pack of streamers! Done!

Check out the full tutorial by Non-Toy Gifts here.


#2 Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

This craft is easy as pie. Show your kiddos how to glue the popsicle sticks together, throw some buttons at them and voila! You can even add a picture of the kiddos or a handwritten note to sweeten the deal.

Snag these items from your closet or order them here:

White foam paint (or just glue)
Foam Paint Brushes (if you use the foam paint)
Popsicle Sticks
Pink and Red Buttons
Magnets (optional)

Check out the full tutorial by Craft Create Cook here.


#3 Yarn Wrapped Hearts

I cannot stop looking at these Yarn Wrapped Hearts by the Pinterested Parent! I think they are too adorable and SO simple!
I would definitely ask for your school or parents to donate 1 small cardboard box and snag some yarn here.
Ta Da! That’s it! Easy to make, easy to hang.

Check out the full tutorial here.


#4 Heart Butterfly Craft

Again, I would skip the paint and go for the markers here, but if you are more courageous than I am, go ahead and paint away!
Now, I like these because again, it is not your typical craft and you can get some science talk in about butterflies and metamorphosis.

Raid your closet or snag these supplies here:
Red Paint (or markers!)
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Construction Paper

Get the full tutorial from Gluesticks and Gumdrops here.


#5 Rainbow Heart Suncatchers

I saved my favorite for last! I think these are so pretty! If my children made these, I would have to have someone make an extra for me to take home so I could put it on my lanai every February! These are not only adorable, but they are easy and only have 5 simple steps!

Get the items from your teacher closet or here:
free printable heart template
White Card Stock
Tissue Paper(cut into 1″ x 1″ squares)
foam paint brushes
clear sheet protectors (1)
Mod Podge

Get the full tutorial from Fireflies and Mudpies here.


Simple, easy, crafty.
Teacher’s happy, parents are happy, kids are happy.
Happy Crafting, yall!


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