Top 5 FREE Valentine’s Day Ideas

The Countdown to Valentine’s Day continues!


Before I get into the gift giving posts, I wanted to chat about Valentine’s Day gifts that are absolutely free. 

This time of the year– post-Christmas, mid-tax season–is always heavily weighted as what to purchase. Roses jack up in price, the most expensive restaurants are being booked (weeks in advance), engagement rings are being bought, and those tiny little chocolates are outrageously expensive simply because they are in the shape of a heart.

Why does everything have to cost money and be SO dang expensive! I understand the desire of wanting to go above and beyond showing love in such an extravagant way.

But it isn’t all about the money. It isn’t all about the gifts.

It’s about the gesture. The gesture can be grand and inexpensive.

Let me show you a few ways…


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-Thank you!

#1 Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are super fun, simple, and don’t have to cost little to no money! For kids or your special somebody, throw together this fun game.

For your spouse, I love the Dating Divas. They create quality and fun dating games, and this Scavenger Hunt is my absolute favorite! This one costs $0–just print off the clues and set them up! I also love their suggestions for the end! Check it out here.


Now, if you have the kiddos at home–scavenger hunts are perfect for them as well! Who needs to drop a lot of money at Toys-R-Us to add to the TONS of toys our kids already have?! Let’s make memories… and affordable ones at that! Would you believe that the Dating Divas also has scavenger hunts for the whole family–along with tons of free printables!  Just hit print!
Check it out here.


#2 Coupon Books

What I love about coupon books–they are the gift that keeps on giving! The great thing is that you can also make coupons whatever you want! They can be free, gestures, acts of service, outing events–whatever you and your love/kiddos would want!

I have found two awesome coupon books: one for spouses and one for kiddos.

For the Spouse–I, of course, cannot resist staying away from the Dating Divas. I love this Sexy Coupon Book that they have available! Again, just hit print! Check it out here.


For the Kiddos–I Can Teach My Child went all out on this awesomely detailed coupon book for kids. I really love that the coupons encourage family and quality time instead of buying more toys. Follow her awesome directions to create perforated edges, or print it out and staple–whatever works best for you! Get the free printables here.


#3 A Year of Dating

This has been one of my favorite things I have ever done for my husband. One year, I worked to create a year of pre-planned dates for us. Two dates per month–one at home and one out. With the help of Katelyn Fagan and the Dating Divas, I put together a year of fun, unique, and creative dates for my husband and I. We both really enjoyed carving out the time together twice a month to celebrate each other. Another gift that keeps on giving. This idea can also be adapted to a family theme–two pre-planned family dates a month. This is a great opportunity to try new things and make new memories together. Check it out here.


#4 Open When Letters

This is another favorite that I have done for Zack! These open when letters are excellent, especially for those whose love language is words of affirmation. Perfect for your significant other and your kiddos, these notes can be written out and opened for the perfect pick me up or encouragement when they need it most.
I originally got this idea from (you guessed it) the Dating Divas many years ago!

You can download a spouse version here.


They also recently released a kid-friendly version too! To get it, click here.


#5 Couple’s Cafe

Couple’s Cafe is an easy way to make your ordinary at home dinner more intimate and fun. The printable version comes with an editable menu, welcome place card, check (with fun payment methods), and cover sheet. Bust out your tablecloth, cloth napkins, a nice bottle of wine, and candles to get the mood set. I even love the idea they give of involving your kids! Let them be the servers for your evening! (I remember loving to take orders and pretending to be a waitress as a kid!)

Of course, I got this idea from the Dating Divas.

(This isn’t a sponsored post, nor did I realize how often I have used their ideas! Kudos to you, Dating Divas!)



However you decide to celebrate your Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s a great one!

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