Simple and Thrifty St. Patrick’s Day Decor

March is here, St. Patrick’s Day is coming:

Time to “Get Your Green On!”


I don’t know about yall, but these spring holidays are the hardest for me to decorate tastefully! I have been taking a peek into my friends and family’s homes to tap into their classic ways to decorate for these holidays! Today, I am bringing to you my friend Sherry’s thrifty and classy Irish home decor! If you read my post, Tasteful Valentine’s Day Decor, you saw my cousin Carrie’s home in full fledge Valentines Day wonder. Believe it or not, Carrie and Sherry are sisters. They both know Kirkland’s to be their spirit animal and have an amazing eye for creative and thrifty pieces.

Living Room

Yall, I can’t even handle the green with the rustic decor–it just goes so perfectly together! I love finding versatile pieces that go with so many holidays and everyday decorations like garland, burlap, and rustic frames. With simple shamrocks a few affordable signs and all things green, it fits so perfectly with the already farmhouse flare of Sherry’s living room.

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Dining + Kitchen

Again, it’s all about versatility! I love using greenery in my house period, but using it in March to offset spring and St. Patty’s day is just a super simple way to get the decor vibes rolling!


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  • Shamrocks
  • Green vase fillers
  • Faux yellow craspedia 
  • Faux Lavender
  • Luck of the Irish box–I love this box! This is a simple wooden box that has two nails and a little pallet that has been painted on either side so it can be swapped out for holidays. This project was created at Project Studio, but if you have a fun woodworking art shop near you, check it out! If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, go to Project Studio! They have so many awesome wood crafts that we have made from there! The staff is excellent and helps you make professional looking pieces–and it’s fun!

Tips & Tricks: Layering

I have to point out that Sherry is a master at layering. She has taken so many pieces and really thought outside of the box to implement them into her decor. Here is how she used the simple art of layering for St. Patty’s Day.


This cotton wreath layered over a mirror has been touched with St. Patty’s Day! With a green ribbon and a simple Luck of the Irish sign, it looks like it was made for the green. The spring wreath below is perfect for Easter, but now Sherry can use the same wreath for St. Patty’s Day by adding a shamrock “Welcome” sign to cover the rabbit. Talk about getting your money’s worth for a spring wreath!


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Do you ever look at a placemat and think “that’s really cute, but I wouldn’t want 4-10 of them at my kitchen table”? I know I do! I love that Sherry thinks outside of the box for her decor! She grabbed this shamrock placemat and layered it with succulents to bring out the theme in a centerpiece.



Do you have a tray that you love, but maybe it is themed for a specific holiday? Sherry made this awesome white holiday tray at Project Studio back in November. It is so gorgeous with a hand-painted holiday wreath. However, why just use this tray for the holidays? Sherry put a charger on top to cover the Christmas wreath but still is able to use this white tray to layer for her St. Patrick’s Day decor. So. Versatile. Throw a couple of mason jars, glass lanterns, gold coins, and Leprechaun Figurines and you have a really thoughtful centrepiece. Oh, and don’t forget–Skittles !


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Creating Your Own Pieces

Don’t be afraid to find a Pinterest project or a place similar to Project Studio and create a fun and unique piece for your home. Do it with some friends and make a day of it! Those are the most sentimental decorating pieces in my opinion because they are laced with memories. img_0056img_0057-1

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