Top 5 Ways to Spruce Up Outdoor Living

Florida, Florida, Florida. I can’t stop talking about Florida. It really took me a while to get adjusted to God’s promise of us living in Florida. I didn’t love the weather or palm trees (blasphemy!). My husband is a beach bum, while I am a mountain girl. However, after about a year and a half, and two winters in Florida, I really appreciate this beautiful place that the Lord has led us. This winter was unseasonably cold everywhere, and that included us! While we didn’t get snow, it definitely dropped into the 30s and even the 20s many nights. We enjoyed the windows and doors open and the AC unit off from October to April. I love our Florida home.

As I sit reflecting on our amazing winter, it had me thinking about how Zack and I have really upped our outdoor game since moving here. Screened in porches (aka. Florida room, Carolina room, Lanai), are a big deal down here in Florida, and I am so thankful! I knew that I would enjoy having a screened in porch, but I quickly fell in love with ours! Over the past two years, we have added little tidbits that have really amped up our outdoor living and made our screened in porch feel like home.


Whether you have a deck, slab, overhang, or screened in porch, here are my top 5 must-haves that easily spruce up your outdoor area.

1. Decorations

Okay, I know I’m a huge fan of home decor, but why not bring the current feel of your home out into your porch? Extending the comfort of your home to the outdoors can be as simple as adding a few decorative pieces. Hanging signs might not be reasonable if you do not have a screened in or overhanging but invest in some lanterns, candleholders, and small tables or garden stools. I even hung up some old curtains against the screen  with a screw and twine. So simple, and ridiculously affordable.

Shopping hack

Many of my decorative pieces and curtains are from a store called Dirt Cheap. If you have one near you, GO! They take all of the over-stock and out of season items from Target and sell them cheap. My home is filled with the nice curtain panels from Threshold with the grommets–I probably have about 20 panels and got them for 25 cents a piece (retail for $30 a panel)! Yes, you read that right. Go. To. Dirt. Cheap.



Shop the Style:

2. Lighting

I cannot tell you enough how much adding in these simple string lights have totally transformed the feel of our outdoor area in the evenings. String lights are easy and affordable to purchase that really amps up the nighttime environment. I also love to keep lanterns and candles lit. If you have an open area, they make citronella tea light candles that you can put in the candles for lighting and deter bugs.


3. Plants


This is a category that is currently in the works for me! All I have so far is some aloe that I have managed to keep alive right outside the screen door! I totally have a black thumb, so I am a big advocate for faux flowers and plants. No maintenance and looks great! Adding greenery is always a great way to add to your outdoor area. Whether you have a green thumb and can keep different plants alive, or a black thumb who decorates with succulents and faux plants (like me), there is total flexibility for your outdoor living. Citronella plants are also a great addition for those who have an open outdoor area–they die if you try to take care of them, which is perfect for me, and are naturally a mosquito repellent! Win-win.

4. Seating

Whatever the amount of space you have, seating options are so necessary. Our current outdoor area isn’t big enough for our table and chair set and conversation set, so I had to make a choice for this house. Our conversation set won by a landslide.

I got this set from Target clearance for a good price (click here for a similar set), but right now I am a huge advocate for Wayfair. They have this conversation set on super sale with great reviews. Check it out, and shop after season if you’re able!

You can also easily spruce up outdoor seating by using decorative cushions and throw pillows--that adds an instant pop and comfortability.


5. Entertainment

Entertainment isn’t always necessary when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, but I think that having a TV or Bluetooth speaker within reach can help in two ways. 1) Instead of catching up on your favorite show inside, a TV outside gives you the flexibility to enjoy your show without being cooped up indoors. It maximized the opportunities you have to enjoy your outdoor space. 2) When Zack and I have friends over, we love having background music. Again, this isn’t a must-have for everybody, but having some small ways to help entertain with music can really add to the environment that you’re trying to create.


I created the stand with two milk crates, Dark Walnut stain, and gorilla wood glue. I will do a post about it soon, but it was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done. I used it for a side table in a guest room before we moved down to Florida. 

Happy Spring!

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