The Best Way to Share Your Blogging Voice

Blogging is hard work!

It’s not necessarily the writing or photography–those steps are pretty easy. That’s why we start blogging. We have a voice, and we want to share it. But how?

How can we share our voices? How can we drive more traffic to our blog to help, share, and encourage others?


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There are so many different avenues that I have tried to drive traffic and share my voice

  • Sharing posts on Facebook groups only to get a follow and then unfollow.
  • Unloading money to ads on Instagram + Facebook only to get your post to 1/2 of the promised audience.
  • Spending countless hours signing up for multiple websites, programs, and webinars only to be in information overload.

I’ve been there, friend. I hear you.

But let me tell you: Your voice is important, and there is somebody (lots of somebodies) who need to hear it!

Here’s what I did to change my mindset and really streamline the process.

No information overload. No wasting money. No headaches.

Here’s what I believe is the powerhouse couple that you need to make your voice heard and get your blog into the view of more readers.

Pinterest + Tailwind = Traffic.

I cannot tell you how much Pinterest and Tailwind have helped my blog, and I am only beginning. Pick these two avenues to learn and really put your attention and focus on. This will not be a waste of time! Here’s what I did to get started.



Get started by creating a board just for your blogging pins. I am not one to spend money on webinars and programs to learn Pinterest strategies, because there are a TON of pins out there for FREE! Study the free pins that contain strategies to master the art of Pinterest. Pinterest is not social media, but one of the biggest and best search engines. People are looking for you, and this is the best platform for you to speak from.

Check out + follow my Pinterest, especially my blogging board. I have pinned lots of resources that are free. It has really helped me streamline my learning and understanding of Pinterest.


If you utilize Pinterest, you need the program Tailwind. This program has really helped me to effortlessly share my posts to a bunch of new audiences, share other bloggers to help their traffic, and increase my Pinterest traffic all on autopilot.

What is Tailwind?


  • Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling program.
    • You can schedule pins to post on any of your boards at scheduled peak times. Spend one day loading up your time slots and let Tailwind post them for you throughout the week. This will get your pins up at peak times and spread them out so it’s not all at once to your audience.
  • Tailwind has a unique feature called Tribes that you can join (for free).
    • These tribes are groups that you can join.
    • The tribes are created into specific categories, so you can find groups of fellow bloggers who fit your niche.
    • Tribes create the heart of collaboration. You can share your pins to the tribes, and the members can choose to share your pin on their own personal Pinterest, which is a whole new audience for you. You can schedule your tribe members’ posts to your own boards to help them in return. Collaboration!
    • Tribes are free for anyone to use! You don’t have to have a Tailwind membership.

Join my newest tribe on Tailwind: Lifestyle Bloggers Collaboration  for free!
I want to encourage and collaborate with you!

  • Tailwind gives you statistics on your Pinterest to help you know what your audience wants to see.
    • The amount of information that Tailwind gives you is amazing. It gives you all of the data that you could possibly think of to help you really understand your audience and know what pins are the best, what pins need work, which boards get the most engagement–the list goes on and on.
    • It will also give you data for how your Pinterest is growing.
  • Tailwind has a free trial for you to use that lets you schedule up to 100 pins for free. 
  • Tailwind has an affordable package that you can purchase to get all of the data about your Pinterest and unlimited access to the pin scheduler.

If you decide that Tailwind is the direction you want to go, feel free to use this referral link to sign up! You can trial it for free for your first 100 scheduled pins, and if you decide that you want to upgrade to Tailwind Plus, there is a freebie attached to my link! I have partnered with Tailwind, so you will get 1 month of Tailwind Plus for FREE!
That’s my favorite price!

You don’t have to do this alone. Collaborate with a group (or several) of likeminded individuals.

I can’t speak enough about how Tailwind + Pinterest has help me and countless others to get their voices heard! Now, it’s your turn!

Get out there, get focused, and get your voice heard!

Cheers to you, fellow bloggers!


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