Outfit of the Month: June Pick

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I have a love-hate relationship with shopping. I love to shop and get new clothes (and home decor, and furniture, and cleaning products…), but my bank account hates it!

I have started my lifestyle blog with many facets: home decor, thriftiness, recipes, cleaning tips and tricks. However, I never saw myself being stylish. I am the most average person when it comes to style and fashion–it just isn’t a strength of mine. But when I posted an outfit of the day on my Insta Stories, my friends loved it. AND they wanted to see more! I was really astounded. Me? Fashion? Oh heck no. But as all bloggers know, you have to listen to your audience. This is a huge step out of my comfort zone, but that’s where we grow right?

So welcome to a new series:

Outfit of the Month:

June Pick


Though I live in Florida now, I still love me some jeans! I cannot get away from them! These are my favorite pair of jeans by Seven for All Mankind.  They are comfy, have a good amount of stretch, can be rolled at the bottom or kept straight, and you can dress them up or down.  These run true to size (I wear a size 4-6 and got a 27 waist).

This top is a new fave of mine by the recently released line at Target, Universal Threads. It comes in 3 different colors (olive, blue, and gray) and is less than $20! I was nervous at first about how short it is in the front, but it actually hits just right at the top of my pants (so no peek-a-boo tummy action). I usually wear a beige colored tank underneath and tuck it in just in case (I know, I’m weird like that). The back is longer, but it isn’t a huge difference and flows well. I am obsessed with the blue, but I want the olive next! I love the sweet buttons going on the top and the tie on the bottom. I like that it’s tied but not too high. If I am going somewhere nicer, I will pair it with white cropped pants.  I wanted a medium, but they were out. I ended up with a small, and it actually fit just fine so I would say these are TTS especially after you wash them (mine shrunk a smidge)!

These shoes are another Universal Thread find from Target. I feel like a hippie who found herself in the 90’s when I wear these chunky heels. They are so comfortable that I would wear these all day teaching and be just fine! They are breathable, so your feet don’t get sweaty (Florida bonus)! I wear a size 8, and they are TTS! These are available in 2 colors: black and chestnut.

The necklace is Lulu DK spin necklace. Mine says ‘Journey’ which is sold out now, but they have several others that have different words but are a similar design.

Let me know what your summer must-have pieces are in the comments below! Also, have you checked out the Universal Thread line at Target yet?

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