How to Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft


Does anyone else ever have tiny annoyances in the kitchen that you just work around? Sometimes I’m very much a problem solver, but other times I think I just conform to the problem and work around it.

Brown sugar is a perfect example.


My brown sugar always turns into a hard concrete block. Often I beat the fire out of it until I get the amount that I need (anybody else?!).

Occasionally, I break down and buy another bag, promising to deal with the hard block of sugar later… yeah, I so did that. It got to the point where I had two bags of brown sugar, and both were a big round concrete block. Now, I don’t use brown sugar that often–mostly around the holidays for baking. However, my friend Katie recently came to visit, and we made these really awesome Maple, Brown Sugar + Pecan Overnight Oats.

Obviously, the recipe calls for brown sugar. What did I do? Beat the block until I got my 5 tablespoons (ish) of sugar. What did Katie do? That girl read the back of the brown sugar package. Does anybody else do that? I can honestly say, ‘never have I ever read the back of the sugar bag.’ But you know what? On that silly bag, there were directions on what to do if your brown sugar gets hard. *palm in face*


So the following week, I knew I had to try this because I was prepping to make more overnight oats... and really, I just HAD to see if it actually worked. I took to my Insta Stories to see if anyone else had this problem. Literally, most everybody had an issue with hard sugar! So I documented my findings and highlighted them on my stories under “life hacks” if you’d like to see a video step by step.

Here’s what you need to soften up your brown sugar:

  • a bowl
  • a wet rag or hand towel

Yep–that’s it.

Put your block of sugar in the bowl, lay the wet towel over it, and let it sit overnight.

In the morning, take a fork and fluff the sugar.

img_3933Since I had two blocks of sugar from two bags, I left mine overnight and then let it sit for another round when I went out for the day, so mine sat out about 20 hours.

I am happy to say, it WORKED! Holy cow, I was so impressed!

I put my soft, fluffy sugar right back in the bag (well, I combined the two into one bag!), and that was that!


Okay, but here was the even cooler thing. You saw that 9% of my insta peeps never have an issue with hard brown sugar. HOW!? Fortunately, they were all kind enough to send me a quick message and share their secrets (you know, the ones that are NOT on the back of the bag!). Yall, these hacks were so quirky, but they work too!

Here are some other tricks for keeping your brown sugar soft, courtesy of my Insta Peeps:

  • Store your brown sugar in the refrigerator
  • Store in an airtight container with a cracker (she used ritz, but I bet any cracker would do!)
  • Add a slice of bread to your containerAnd here’s the craziest tip that not one, but TWO of my Insta friends shared:
  • Put marshmallows in your container!

Yeah, that one got me! But they say it works!

I hope this helps you in any future brown sugar endeavors and makes your time in the kitchen that much sweeter (see what I did there!).

If you have any other tips to soften up your brown sugar, share them in the comments below!

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