How to Make Your Lettuce Last Longer

I recently learned from a fellow blogger, Nesting with Grace, a tip on how to make my strawberries last longer. It has been an absolute game changer! I bought 3 packs of strawberries for 89 cents a piece at Aldi this week and wasn’t concerned about eating them all fast enough! If you want to see the strawberry hack, check out that post here.


*Spoiler Alert: you can use the strawberries method on lots of other fruits and vegetables!

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Holly, you mistitled your post. you’re talking about strawberries and you already made a post on that preservation method.”

You’re right.

However, I just learned the strawberry trick a few weeks ago. This lettuce hack I’ve been doing for years, and it is so simple. I also, don’t know how well the strawberry hack would do on lettuce, so I am sticking with my lettuce hack.


Also, it honestly never occurred to me to write a post about what I do with my lettuce. I showed you my Aldi haul in my Insta Stories and realized yall might be interested in the lettuce trick. When I did a poll, yall made it very clear you wanted to hear the trick! so here we are!

So why do I try to make my lettuce last longer? To save monies! Food waste=money down the drain. Sometimes, quite literally.


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I occasionally (and when I just am feeling extra lazy–which is so silly because this hack is literally so easy) will purchase the big box of organic spring mix lettuce. To me, that’s easy. But yall, I have thrown away so much lettuce. It goes bad so quickly! And now that I think about it, it is actually a ton more work trying to pick through the good and the bad lettuce. Why do I do this to myself!?

I digress.

When I do this method consistently, I can buy one pack of hearts of romaine and one bag of spinach (separately, and yes, I combine those two because I’m a weirdo), I only have to purchase lettuce twice sometimes once a month. And it never goes bad. I would say that my lettuce jars typically last 3 or so weeks. I have gone longer and have only dealt with lettuce going bad once when it was wayyyy too long.

Here’s what you need

  • Salad Spinner
    • Not a must have, but it is a lot easier to get the excess water off. If you don’t have a spinner, just wash and dry as best as you can.
  • Mason jars with (good, clean) lids
    • I recommend pints and half pints. Check out the tips at the bottom for why I do this.
  • A pack of hearts of romaine lettuce
    • I only do this with hearts of romaine lettuce. I know it will work for other lettuces. I think they dry a lot easier and are heartier, so this method works really well for them.



  • Chop your romaine hearts
  • Rinse and spin very well
    • you want your lettuce to be really dry. My spinner does the trick and I don’t dab them dry or anything. If you have a lot of excess water, just dry them off by dabbing it with a paper towel.
  • Put the chopped and washed lettuce into individual mason jars and pack those bad boys in good! Leave no excess space: The less air, the longer it will last.
  • Secure your lid on well and pop into the fridge!


That’s it yall! Pinterest win!

Tips + Tricks

  • I (almost) only use pint and half pint jars for these for two reasons
    • 1. a half pint jar is typically filled enough for one salad and a pint jar is typically filled up for two salads. This is great for Zack and I since it is just the two of us. I can just pop open one for me or us and it is the perfect amount already.
    • 2. If you get bigger jars, that’s okay, but you’ll have to eat it faster if you don’t use all of the lettuce when you open the jar. You let more air in on what is left of the lettuce, so it goes bad much faster. I would only use bigger jars if I am making a big salad for a party. Other than that, go for the smaller ones and just use the one jar when you need it.
  • Hand wash your mason jar lids–they get rusty in the dishwasher, and nobody likes the taste of rust in their salad!
  • I don’t have one (yet), but I highly recommend a lettuce knife. They are plastic and won’t bruise your lettuce as you chop it.
  • Pack the lettuce in as much as you can! Get all that excess air filled with a piece of lettuce! It will last so much longer. Notice how much is in these jars!
  • Get the salad spinner. It just saves so much time and dries so well!


Have you tried this method before, or do you have another trick to make your lettuce last longer? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Salad-ing, yall!

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  1. Hey girlie. I have been wanting to try this lettuce hack ever sense you told me about it years ago….. I just bought a big box of spring lettuce yesterday, so I’m going to try it with that and see how it goes!! We typically eat all the lettuce during the week, but on occasion the lady little bit can get kinda slimy. 🤭 So, I’m anxious to try this method!! Cross your fingers!! 🤞🏻

    1. Let me know how it goes! I haven’t tried it with a spring mix, and wasn’t sure since it’s so thin! I’m excited to hear how it goes !

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