The Best Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Anyone else get crazy when there are dirt spots on your carpet? I know I do! I really need to just invest in a big mama carpet cleaner! I love keeping my rugs clean and looking new as long as possible, because those bad boys are not cheap! Especially in high traffic areas, I try to spot clean my carpeted rugs every couple of months, unless something gets spilled and needs immediate attention.

A few years ago, I found a very simple DIY carpet cleaning solution. I have tweaked it to fit my own needs, and I honestly cannot even remember what the original recipe called for! I made a new batch the other day and took before and after photos (which I have so never done before). Yall, I was astounded! I was reminded of how well this stuff actually works, and it is so simple! (That might go to show you that I haven’t been on my spot treatment game lately! Ha!)


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So I am sharing with you this amazing spot treatment cleaner for all of your carpeted areas, especially stains + high traffic areas. Get ready for an easy fix!

What You Need


I typically use essential oils in all of my homemade cleaning products (like my bathroom cleaner), but I don’t ever see a need to add it to my spot cleaner… but to each his own!


  • Make sure your bottle is clean and empty
  • Put baking soda in first
  • Add your vinegar (best to do this over the sink!)
  • Add your dawn
  • Top off with water
  • Spray directly onto the stains on your carpet
  • I like to let mine sit for about 10-20 minutes and let the baking soda and vinegar really set in and work together.
  • DAB with a clean, dry towel. I like to use white because I get nervous that colors might bleed. I also like to see the fullness of the dirt that transfers to the white rag.


That’s it! So simple and made with ingredients that you control!

Check out this before and after below:

You will also notice that there is no discoloration of the colored portion of the rug, and the white is so nice and bright now! It really looks brand new!

Now, you may have seen that I said to use Dawn, but I didn’t have that photographed. I am a huge believer in use what you have. I don’t think anyone should have to run out to the store to get Dawn if you have another dishwashing soap. As long as it’s a good quality of soap, just use what you have! I did, and it worked perfectly!

Have you tried this carpet cleaner yet? Let me know how it worked for you in the comments below!

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. I’m convinced vinegar is a miracle cleaner! There are very few things in my home that can’t be cleaned with vinegar haha. I’m looking for a good cleaning solution to use in between professional carpet cleanings and I’m definitely going to try yours! It’s so simple and the results you showed are pretty incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this recipe! I’m always looking for more natural ways to clean my home. I recently hired a local carpet cleaner to deeply clean my carpets, but I am definitely going to try this as a spot treatment.

    1. Hi Lisa! I haven’t tried this, so I would just use whatever is recommended with your carpet cleaner to be on the safe side!

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