Top 10 Home Decor Items That Perfectly Transition You From Summer Into Fall

Y’all, I have got the itch. The “all things fall” itch. Usually August is always a tough month for me when it comes to decorating. I was always starting school in August as either a student or a classroom teacher, and so it was a weird spot to be in–“summer” being over, school being in, but it still being hot and not yet labor day. The whole feeling of “Okay, my summer is over…where is fall?!” I always am ready to get the creative + decorating on, but I hold myself back because I know it’s just not quite there yet. Anybody else with me here?!

So in the meantime, I create Pinterest boards for fall, brainstorm new ideas, and update my Amazon list with all new things. The Amazon list and Pinterest board are prime for me, because I can get inspiration from Pinterest and then break it down piece by piece visually on Amazon. This makes it so much easier to put my vision into reality and budget for it. As I was brainstorming and deciding how to decorate for fall, I quickly realized that a lot of my fall pieces are transitional and vice versa with summer. I don’t necessarily need to have super summer themed decor out, but I can freshen up with some transitional pieces that can carry me from summer into fall without busting out the pumpkins just yet. I created this vision of my top favorite transitional home decor pieces to take us from summer to fall. The best part, it is all found on Amazon!


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1. Woven Baskets

These baskets are so dainty yet fall right into a farmhouse styled home. I love the versatile and simple look. They can hold anything from blankets to a fiddle fig tree. I also love to different designs available.


Find this basket on Amazon here for under $35.


Find this basket on Amazon here for under $14!

2. Flour Sack Throw Pillows

Flour sack throw pillows are not only simple and sweet, but perfect for any season. I really love the gather pillow because it takes you straight into Thanksgiving without throwing turkeys all over the place.


Find this pillow on Amazon here.

3. Tobacco Baskets

I love the neutral and rustic feel of a tobacco basket! I have several different styles in my home from brown to white and even metal. These are year-round pieces that you can rotate seasonal wreaths in.


Get a 3 pack of tobacco baskets on Amazon here. 

4. Box Wreath

The simplicity of a box wreath takes out the summer pop colors and leads you into the cool colors of fall. If you have a large tobacco basket, this wreath will fit really well in a large tobacco basket.


Find a box wreath under $50 on Amazon here. 

5. Glass Vases

I am currently loving the wide bottle vases, especially with texture or a slight color to them. These are like the tobacco baskets–versatile and can be rotated with florals depending on the season.


Snag this textured vase on Amazon here for under $60!


This pretty blue jar is found on Amazon for under $30 here!

6. Neutral Faux Stems

Gimme all the faux stems from the HobLob! I go crazy when they have those for 50% off, but I rarely seem to be able to hit that sale! My current favorites when it comes to stems are the flocked lamb’s ear and simple cotton. Both of these are great when paired with other seasonal stems or when left by themselves.


Get flocked faux lamb’s ear from Amazon here. 


Get a 3 pack of cotton stems from Amazon here. 

7. Galvanized Watering Jug

Galvanized anything makes me excited. It is an easy way to add in another neutral and texture into your decor. I currently have mine filled up with lavender, but will soon transition to lamb’s ear as I prep for fall decor!


Grab this galvanized watering jug from Amazon here. 


8. Welcome Mat

Having a neutral welcome mat is a super easy way to spice up your front porch, yet not be geared towards a holiday. I love the neutrals of this front porch mat from Amazon especially when layered with this bottom mat from the HobLob. 


The top mat is similar to the one on my front porch, and the bottom mat is the one I have which I am obsessed with.


9. A Cozy Blanket

Blankets are important in my house year round. I thought this navy blanket was a perfect transitional blanket. It is dark but with amazing texture. This is also not as thick as a chunky knit blanket or fleece blanket.


Grab this beautiful navy blanket from Amazon here. 

10. Neutral Welcome Sign

This sign gives me all the feels. I keep harping on neutrals in this post, because I think they are perfect for transitioning seasons while keeping your decor light and airy. This welcome sign is perfect for a rustic transition into fall.


Amazon this bad boy sign here!

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