How to Dress for Fall While It Is Still Hot: My Top 4 Styling Tips

About 2.5 years ago, I moved from my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee to Orlando, Florida. There are distinct differences in the two states, but a common misconception is that it is much hotter in Florida than it is in Tennessee. Let me go ahead and bust that myth for ya! In my experience, Florida and Tennessee have the same level and type of heat in the summer–muggy and misery! Florida has beaches to go hang out at unlike land-locked Tennessee. Other than that, there is no difference in summer heat. The difference between Florida and Tennessee, is that the heat LASTS longer in Florida. It definitely does not get as cold as it did in Tennessee.


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Now for me, this seemed to be a bit of a problem–because I love my fall and winter clothes. I mean, LOVE. I personally don’t enjoy wearing shorts (nobody needs to see these pasty legs!), and I love how everything feels in fall. I like being cozy and snuggly. It’s just my jam. Living in Florida, I have had to adjust my fall and winter wardrobe. If you know me, you know that I am very stubborn, and I would put my sandals up from October-March even while living in Florida. Also, for the first two years here, I worked at a school with outdoor hallways–so I was outside all the time; not seated in an airconditioned building all day.

All that to say, if you are someone who lives somewhere where it stays warm throughout a majority of the fall, I am here to tell you: you CAN wear fall weather clothing! You just might need to make some minor adjustments and think outside the box.

Here are my top tips for styling for fall even when it’s still hot outside.

1. Booties vs Boots

I don’t know that booties have completely overtaken boots in the fashion world, but they have been coming in hot for a good 2+ years now. This little adjustment has been a huge trick for me living in Florida. Booties bring a total fall feel without adding extra layers to your legs. Keep those legs cool! You can pair booties with anything! Jeans, shorts, dresses, cropped pants. You name it, booties can fit!

I invested in some booties from Target, and quickly wore them out! Then I got this pair from Madden Girl, and y’all they are amazing! I love the cognac, the sweater material, the height, and the comfortability! They are wonderful!

Here are some of my other picks from Amazon will give you a variety of styles and all the fall heart eyes.


These cut out booties give me all the feels! I especially love that you can wear these while it’s warm out and still get a great breeze! These were $80 on Amazon and are super discounted now down to $20-$30 with a really nice variety of colors to choose from. Check them out here.


I love a classic low wedge ankle boot. They are always so comfy and easy to wear while giving an extra umph to your style. Even better–these booties are also very affordable at under $25 a pair with a lot of colors to choose from! Run to this link to snag you a pair (or 3).


This pair is actually a loafer, but I feel like it has a similar feel to the booties. I love this cognac color and asymmetrical cut-out. It really reminds me of the Universal Thread loafers at Target right now too, however, these have a bit of a better price point.  Snag them from Amazon here.


I cannot get over the fun textured arrows on these booties! It is so unique. These are also priced really nicely at under $35 per pair. Get you a pair of these textured booties here.

2. Kimonos vs Cardigans

Now, I know Kimonos give you all the light spring + summer feels, but you gonna be hot, girlfriend! Swap out the fun bright colored kimonos for more fall colors: plums, mustard, taupes, grays, black. This will give you more of a fall feel, while maintaining cooler body temps! Here is a roundup of super cute fall kimonos from Amazon.


Big white florals on a black


Dark green with maroon + mustard florals (currently half off!)


Long solid kimono with pockets (on sale too!)


Short, loose, solid kimono with texture (under $25!)


Orange tribal kimono

3. Layers

Layering is just a great rule of thumb for fall + winter anyways. Now down south, you just have to be more mindful about WHAT you layer. In Florida, I definitely recommend holding onto your tanks and tee’s so you can use these to layer with kimonos, flannels,  and light cardigans. Keeping your dresses out will really help with the layering too. That way you have an exit strategy if it gets too hot! Just be mindful of the material you are layering: say “no” to wool + fleeces! The lighter and thinner your layers are, the more likely you are to keep your fall theme in check.

Photo + Inspo Credit: @fancythingsblog + @mysecretlookbook 

I love how these two Instagrammers layered their tanks and t’s with booties and lighter layers.

4. Colors

Finding a cool fall + winter color pallet has to be the easiest way to get your wardrobe looking like fall. Even if you can’t throw on the wool sweater without having a heatstroke yet, you can layer and be mindful of the colors you choose to wear.  Wearing darker colors like plum, navy, mustard, and maroon can really give you the first turn down fall avenue. Now, my favorite part of colors is that this tip goes even farther than your wardrobe. Think about your jewelry, nail polish, all the way down to your hair color! I have tons of friends who go darker in the fall and more blonde in the spring. Now me, I’m just a basic brunette all year ’round. But there are options for you! Here are some gorgeous color schemes that I have been pinning below.

(Come pin with me on Pinterest here!)

Photo + Inspo Credit: Pink Lily Boutique, @Jessi_afshin, Nails by Catharina, @LaurensList, The Day Book Blog. 

Now, I am not saying sell all of your deep winter clothes and just do light layers forever! It really depends on where you live. But, if you live very far south (like me) and you love the cold, snow, and cold weather clothing (also like me), then book a flight, snag a great Airbnb (use this code for a $40 credit on your first stay!), and bust out those long johns and coats! I know I will!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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