Holiday Gift Guide for Him // 2018

Does anyone else think guys are SO difficult to shop for?! My husband is really good about sending me links of items he sees that he likes. However, he is not the only man in my life… My dad, FIL, brothers… yall, one can only have so many golf balls for Christmas!

So I wanted to throw together a general gift guide for men that’s easy to purchase (all online ordering for the win) and has a variety of options to fit the needs of the men in your life.


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10. Yeti Anything

Yeti brand is definitely on the pricy side, and while I can’t say there are amazing dupes (especially for the cups), I cannot get over how durable the coolers and coozies are. The coozies are my absolute favorite (we have two or three), and they make great gift baskets. If you’re doing a small gift, fill up a coozie with candy, gift cards, or a cigar. If you’re needing a bigger gift, fill up a Yeti cooler with grill toys, gadgets, or beer.


9. Firestick + JackBox Games

Zack and I love our Firestick! If you don’t have one yet, get one! Even if it is a gift for yourself! These are very affordable and versatile. You can put tons of apps on them and take it with you when you travel. We have bought all of the Jackbox games (virtual games) and each package comes with 5 different games. We travel with our Firestick solely to bring the game packs on trips to play with our friends and family. You just need a phone or table to join in!


8. SmartWatch

Smartwatches seem to be all the rage and a perfect gift for anyone. I’ve never been a huge watch wearer, but you cannot deny the versatility and convenience of a smartwatch! I will say that quality is imperative when purchasing a smartwatch… typically the really cheap ones are just that–cheap. If you’re doing a smartwatch, I would definitely invest in an Apple. These are a pretty penny but will prove to be more durable, reliable, and long-lasting.



7. Google Home/Alexa

Who doesn’t have one of these little gadgets yet?! Our cousin, Jason, is always the first one to get the new techy items, and I remember a few years ago he was showing us his new Alexa. They were so new on the market, we didn’t even really know much about her. Jason said “Hey Alexa, order some blow pops.” We were very impressed. Jason was also reminded of his order 2 days later when 3 pounds of blow pops was delivered to his door! Whether you get a Google Home, Big Alexa, Small Alexa, they all do things a little different but are nice to have around the house for quick music, time, or ordering blow pops.




6. Docking Station

Okay, I gave you plenty of small gadgets (not even including phones and Ipads), but does your husband have a place to store it all? I love for everything to have a home, and thank goodness they make docking stations! Here are my favorites from Amazon listed below!



5. Games for Date Nights

Okay, I typically would only buy games for my husband, but there’s absolutely no rule that you shouldn’t get games for dads or brothers. I just personally love the gifts that lead to experiences–not just things. Games, in my opinion, leave so much potential for experiences! I wanted to highlight our current favorite games: Monolopy Deal! This game is perfect for 2-5 players and you can play a hand in 15 minutes. I might be slightly obsessed, but it is also a game my husband enjoys playing so it’s a win-win for me! These are really hard to find in the store, so snag it for under $5 from Amazon here.


4. Computer Bag/Weekender

I was a little surprised how much my husband loved his computer bag that his mom got him a few years ago for graduation. I am not sure why I was surprised, but it is one of his favorite gifts ever! So I threw in computer bags and weekender bags to the traveling man. Guys need good bags too.


3. Books

Guys need good books too! Whether it’s a professional book like The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership or fiction books like the Ted Dekker series, there are so many quality books out there for men. My husband especially loves Ted Dekker, so if your honey hasn’t read his series yet, it is highly recommended.



2. The United States Of Craft Beer:
A Guide to the Best Craft Breweries Across America

I came across this book, and I thought it was the coolest idea for your beer appreciators out there. Take this book with you when you travel across the country and find the best local breweries in each state you visit! some people even create road trips to visit them all!


1. Straight Razor Kit

I don’t know if everyone loves the straight razor kits, but I know my husband and one of his brothers loves them! If your guy isn’t into straight razors, there are tons of other options out there for grooming and beard kits.


Happy Holidays!

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