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I recently began to more seriously dabble in photography, as I have always loved quality photos. Watching how technology has improved and changed over the past 20, even 10 years, has been insane. The fact that I can take a better quality photo on my cell phone than a 10-year-old camera blows my mind! I really have enjoyed being behind the camera, getting creative, capturing unique and raw moments. With every shoot, and even in between, I learn more and more about lighting and editing. I will be the first to tell you, photography is a BEAST of a skill to learn. I am appreciating the small size of this hobby, because I am nowhere near the high-quality photographer friends, but I am so appreciative to learn from them.

With that being said, I wanted to start sharing my favorite shoots here on the blog so you can all get a little sneak peek at what else is going on under the willow tree.

I wanted to start by sharing my sweet friends, the Grimes.

I grew up with Lauren + Andrew both, a friendship that is very precious to me. They are just good, solid people. They recently had their first child, Walker James who is a sweet little ham! Thank you for asking me to take family photos for you! I really enjoyed doing this for you!

The Grimes
Kentucky Lake
October 2018




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