The Comfy, Cozy Gift Guide for Her // 2018

What lady doesn’t love curling up in joggers and an oversized sweater, with a mug of (spiked) coffee, and a great movie on all while staring at her lit up Christmas decor?

I think that just explained my whole month of December.

I have curated a cozy guide for the lady in your life that loves to be comfy + snuggly in the winter!


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Can you even be cozy without a blanket? I live in Florida, and even when it’s hot outside, I love having a good blanket to be cozy! I have linked some of my favorites below!


Coffee Mug

While I’m under my blanket getting cozy, I love having a great mug that’s cute and a good fit in my hand. Here are some of the coziest coffee mugs that I have rounded up! Any of these are solid winners as a gift because I love Chloe’s shop: The Sweet Mint Handmade. #shopsmall!


Photo Credit: The Glam Farmhouse


Photo Credit: Living Life Pretty


Photo Credit: Glitzy_Girl and Fashionably Kay


Gimme all the big, soft, and bulky sweatshirts! I love disappearing inside an oversized sweatshirt on a cold night, and chances are your lady does too!


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image 0
Sherpas are always a win, especially if monogrammed!

Image for the product

Joggers + Leggings

Need I say more? I think if the word “comfy” had a mascot, it would be leggings. These are must-have leggings and joggers below.

Exclusive Home Girl Joggers - Cloth + Cabin

“Home Girl” Joggers, perfect to go with the “Home Girl” Sweatshirt!
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Product Image

Best sweater leggings!

Product Image

High waisted leggings for the win. 

Socks + Slippers

Slippers are like the finishing touch on a cozy outfit. I have the yummiest socks + slippers below!

Image result for loft slippers

Image result for j crew slippers

Image result for women's wicked good moccasins


Not a necessity, but dang aren’t they cute to add in! Especially on a snowy night. For some reason, it seems more acceptable on a snowy night! Ha!



Are you really even having a comfy environment if you don’t have a great smelling candle? I listed the best smelling candles to get you in the coziest mood!

Slide View: 1: Capri Blue Volcano Iridescent Jar Candle

Image result for world market eucalyptus mint

Twinkle Lights

This is like the candle situation. Creating that environment of comfort… there is no better visual way than by turning the lights down and turning the twinkle lights up! Trust me, you can never have too many of these lights!


Isn’t this the epitome of winter cozy? Twinkle lights make everything better.
Photo Credit: Laurie, The Glam Farmhouse

Happy Holidays!

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