How to // Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

I had to share with yall some of my favorite “under-the-kitchen-sink” organizational tricks + items! I recently pulled everything out and reorganized the whole thing. Holy cow, I feel so much better! Does anyone else put that space off? I totally have been avoiding it for months now. After I finished, I felt so silly that I have waited so long, because it took me maybe 10 minutes to complete.

under the sink

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I completely forgot to add a before picture, but just imagine an ugly, disorganized, baking soda and vinegar bomb went off under my sink. However, I did a little walk-through on my stories on Instagram and created a highlight if you need another visual!

Here’s my little go-to checklist for organizing cabinets:

  • Pull everything out
  • Clean it super well
    • I even check my pipes and such while I am down there and make sure everything is still screwed in nice and tight! When I did this, I realized my garbage disposal was almost unhinged–crisis averted!
  • Organize your junk
    • Throw away what needs to be tossed, combine any products that you have multiples of if you have a chance, and group items together.
  • Pull what organizational items you already have at home to help you here, and whatever you need, order from Amazon! (Definitely check this out beforehand).
    • I was a teacher, so I have a ton of Dollar Tree bins. I wouldn’t have chosen green for my house organization, but it’s 1) under the sink and 2) free.


My must-haves when organizing (almost any) cabinet:

Here I have added my must-haves and some variations. These items not only make it look pretty and organized but also really help you to make a purposeful space for your items. 

Copco Non-Skid Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable 12-Inch White/Aqua

These Lazy Susans are my favorite! In my opinion, these are a huge must-have for any organizational project. The 12 inch size is perfect, but if you need smaller, you can snag a two pack of 9 inch Lazy Susans for cheap!


Shelf liners are always aesthetically pleasing and help keep things clean!

Y-Weave Small Storage Bin - Room Essentials™ - image 1 of 1

Can you really be organized if you don’t have baskets?! Mine in the photos came from Dollar Tree originally, then stayed in my classroom for a few years! They were free to use for this project, but if I didn’t have those, I definitely would’ve snagged these from Target! Tip: for bathroom and kitchen cabinets, go for the plastic bins and baskets. They are way easier to clean up if you have a product spill.



Happy Organizing!

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