Top Essential Carry-on Items

We just got back from our 17 day adventure in Israel + Europe! It was wonderful, and I hope to write more posts for you about the trip! I had started this post before we left, but I also wanted to make sure that I wanted to stick with everything after our 7 flights. Whenever I pack a carry-on, it’s a big planning sesh. Because this trip had so many flights, I planned to pack my carry-on as if I were planning to lose my luggage. If we were to lose a bag for a day or two, I could get by with what I had on hand. Not to mention, it had to have the right items for a long flight and still had to be small enough to fit under a seat (the goal since most of the flights have a free “personal item” and 1 checked bag). Thankfully, we didn’t lose any of our luggage + I can attest, I used and was glad to have everything on this list!


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I rounded up my top 10 must-have items for a long trip across the pond.

1 // medicine

Dramamine + Advil are so important for nausea from the flight or headaches from the screaming kid or strong perfume, but I always make sure that I pack my prescription medications + daily vitamins in my carry-on. This would be the worst thing for me to lose if my luggage went missing!

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2 // neck pillow

Now, I am typically terrible about forgetting a neck pillow, but on overseas trips, this is a huge must-have! There is not much worse than getting off of a long flight with jet lag, minimal sleep, AND neck pain! Protect yo neck!

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3 // toiletries

I don’t typically pack toiletries on a regular flight, but international, heck yes! Contacts are also always a must in my carry on because I wear Dailies. I have found that if I plan to pack toiletries in my carry-on, I will always find travel size items so it really helps with my checked bag space! Also, these silicone bottles are a game-changer. I got these and filled them up for our trip, and I am obsessed!

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4 // portable charger

Yes, yes, yes. International flights? For sure. Your iPad dying halfway through a flight + movie just might be worse than leaving your medication… okay, close. 🙂

5 // headphones

The main reason I add this part so specifically is because you don’t want to be the person who forgot your headphones and did one of two things: 1) play your show anyways without headphones (don’t be that guy), or 2) you get suckered into spending $20 on terrible earbuds at the airport. Been there, done that.

6 // busy work

Whether it’s a book, crossword puzzle, iPad, or journal, bring something to entertain yourself on those long-haul flights. And in most cases, bring a variety so you don’t get bored!

7 // chapstick

Because there’s almost nothing worse than having chapped lips + another 5 hours on your flight.


Happy Packing!

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