How To Throw Together Quick Appetizers (That Make It Look Like You’re on Your A-Game)

Appetizers, apps, appies, quick eats, bites… whatever you want to call them–I love them! I love to go to restaurants and order appetizers. I love to sample different appetizer recipes. I love to have appetizers when going to dinner parties. But, I think I love serving appetizers the best. Why? They satisfy cravings, can be […]

How to Make Your Strawberries Last Longer

I love strawberries. Strawberries with whipped cream, over an angel food cake, cheese cake, a strawberry shake, strawberry ice cream… okay those are all desserts–busted. But I really do love anything with strawberries! I use strawberries in cereal, smoothies, breakfast parfaits (if you need a stellar recipe for that, click here!), kombucha, and of course […]