Work With Me


I love to collaborate with companies, bloggers, brands, and products. My ultimate goal in collaborating is to bring valuable content to my readers, which includes brands and products that are aligned with my beliefs and vision.


Honesty and integrity are hard to come by on in the online world, and I have been working very hard to keep the confidence of my readers by maintaining honesty and transparency with a foundation of integrity. Because of this, I only promote products, brands, and companies that I have personally used or can recommend from other sources that I trust.

Brands that I have worked with

YoungLiving Essential Oils // Amazon // Kirkland’s // Target // Hobby Lobby // Hearth + Hand // Franchesca’s // VIPKID // Downy // OxiClean // Seven For All Man Kind // Fab, Fit, Fun // Mrs. Meyer’s // Pyrex // Jack Rodger’s // Borax // Fels-Naptha // Arm & Hammer // Universal Threads // Bed, Bath, & Beyond // Bath & Body Works // Project Studio // Joann Fabrics // Aldi // and many more!

Brands: If you’re a brand wanting to collaborate on brand partnerships, sponsored posts, media trips, or hotel stays, please get in touch via email. If you would like me to review a product, sponsor a giveaway, or highlight and feature a great deal for my readers, please email me: I also promote my blog posts on all of my social media channels for increased exposure to you and/or your brand.

Why should you work with The Willow Tree?

I love collaborating with a variety of brands, large and small. Your brand matters to me on a personal level. Whatever I write, share, and post, I want it to be my best.

Bloggers: Interested in working together on a blog post, giveaway, etc.? Please reach out via social media or email! I am happy to collaborate with fellow writers and sharers!